Bruce Springsteen – Light Of Day 2001 – “Live In New York City” By Matt Ryan

Bruce Springsteen – Light Of Day 2001 – “Live In New York City”

This particular concert was a Grammy Award winning HBO special, one of the most brilliant and passionate concert experiences. A period in the careers of these giants, where their souls were screaming and new life was born.

This was a performance where everyone present felt that they were being delivered everything and we all left somehow changed. This experience paved a new path to an old soul. It was a sincere connection, brilliant, honest and untouchable.

I personally appreciated some of the first hand stories our good friend Greg Matlby told us about Bruce. Greg was the lighting designer for this tour, as well as this Grammy Award winning performance. He’s a real gem. A passionate artist who delivers emotion in every lighting design he creates. Greg actually volunteered to light our first show in Las Vegas, many years ago. He made our shows visually special and wouldn’t take a cent for all his hard work. He even once dropped by our rehearsal studio in Las Vegas, went to his trunk and actually pulled out his Grammy Award, wrapped in a towel.
That’s when we knew he was a madman and would fit in perfectly around us.

Kidding aside, the best part of the story is Greg shared how respectful and kind Bruce was to everyone behind the scenes, through years on the road together.
Basically, the heart Bruce gave on stage, reflected the gentleman he was back stage.

As performers in Las Vegas, we truly appreciate the rare times that our idols actually don’t let us down in person.

Viva Las Bruce! Enjoy the Video.
Thanks. Matt Ryan