Cell A Brate – Fund Raising Event Baltimore

Cell A Brate Fund Raising Event

Join Bruce In the USA and The Hadassah of Greater Baltimore on February 8th for a Rocking good time while Supporting Hadassah’s Research & Advocacy on MS, ALS, Heart Disease, Parkinson’s and other ailments that may benefit from Stem Cell treatments.

Bruce Springsteen’s “Blue Christmas”

Bruce, Blue Christmas

Another Great Blog from Mike Macaluso, this one is about Bruce’s version of the Christmas classic, Blue Christmas.


Bruce Live 1982

If you didn’t understand the Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band experience before this video, you would immediately after.

Springsteen and I Movie Review by Mike Macaluso

Springsteen & I

This British film marks the 40th Anniversary of Bruce’s first album, Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ, and compiles self-produced clips from fans, live performances along with a few professionally produced segments, and an epilogue of several of the key characters in the film who were the contest winners.

4th Of July Asbury Park (Sandy) and Independence Day

Bruce Springsteen 4th of July

Here is Mike Macaluso’s VLOG post for July. Mike talks about two songs in this post. First up is 4th Of July Asbury park (Sandy) then Independence Day. Another great post about a couple of Springsteen Classics.
Thanks Mike! Sully

Bruce Springsteen – High Hopes

High Hopes Vlog

This new vlog post features the cover song High Hopes recorded by Bruce Springsteen during the Greatest Hits session.

The song was written by Tim Scott in 1987, and released on his debut album, “The High Lonesome Sound”. The song was used in the low budget film, Slamdance.

Bruce’s version of High Hopes is the same version as was recorded for the film documentary Blood Brothers in 1995.

Review of Boston Show

Steve Cimino

The city was essentially a ghost town, but a pocket of devoted fans were tweeting at Matt and begging the band to make the drive from Brooklyn to Boston. Myself included; we made it clear that if Bruce in the USA found their way, they’d play to a captive audience.”

To Clarence Clemons…The Jungleland Solo

Clarence & Dave

I was honored to finally meet Clarence Clemons. We laughed, we talked shop and I was humbled by his kindness. Clarence will always be an indelible link to Bruce Springsteen and his music.

I Wish I Were Blind – Bruce Springsteen

I Wish I Were Blind-Bruce Springsteen

There are certain Bruce Springsteen songs that may not have changed the world but somehow changed us. You know the ones.   These are songs that may not have been the most popular tracks on a record. These songs may not have received much or any radio airplay. These are the songs that for one reason or another found their way into your heart and spoke directly to you.  You know the ones!

For Boston – Thunder Road Fenway Park

Fenway Park Boston Bruce Springsteen

This one goes out to our good friends in Boston, who will rise up and keep moving forward, no matter what the road brings.

Best of wishes…Our Hearts Go Out To You

Matt Ryan —