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(50) Dave Michael
Sun, 15 February 2015 18:41:04 +0000

GREAT show in Sellersville Last night (2-14-15) Hence to forever be known as the Fire Alarm Show. Thanks for a great night

(49) Jill Ann
Sun, 15 February 2015 16:55:57 +0000

Saw you at Sellersville theater last night. What an awesome show!! Can't wait to see you again! :)

(48) MaryLou
Tue, 3 February 2015 22:32:24 +0000

Me and my Husband Rick drove to Manchester NH for the Jan.6th show all the way from Buffalo NY,,we love the drive and staying at the Holiday Inn and dining at the Airport Diner...the show was AWESOME !! as usual..and Thanks Matt for dedicating Thunder Road to me.

(47) William Johnson
Mon, 2 February 2015 11:44:15 +0000

Matt, I was supposed to see you on Friday, May 15, 2009 in Bay City, Michigan. Unfortunately the concert was cancelled. You told me that you would provide tickets for me to an upcoming concert. Any chance you can help with seats to the Magic Bag gig in Ferndale, Michigan? Willie J.

(46) MaryLou
Thu, 15 January 2015 08:26:21 +0000

Hi Guys..we drove up to Manchester NH for the show and I asked my husband if it was worth it and he said,"yes"...we love that theater and the fact I can choose my seats. The show was awesome as usual and thank you Matt for the dedication of Thunder Road.You never disappoint us..the only thing is the show doesn't last long..we'd love it too last all

(45) Samantha
Mon, 22 December 2014 15:23:35 +0000

Do you remember playing a show Jan 11, 2011 at a theater in Rolla, MO? While it was probably a disappointingly small audience for you, you all played your hearts out. It was a great performance. I was the girl in the blue/white dress who just couldn't sit down during great rock music (despite the ushers insisting). Thanks for making my first date with my (now) fiance a wonderful memory.
-Sending good wishes your way,

Gravatar (44) Carina
Mon, 15 September 2014 02:55:16 +0000

Hello matt and Band,
last friday my mother and i are in the star in Nieuwkuijk.
It was very great show!!!!!!
please come back to the Netherlands for another great show.
you promissed us !!!!!!!

(43) marianka
Sat, 13 September 2014 20:07:09 +0000

Max, yoey and music band members, tonight in Langeweg you've made me feel 20 years younger. It was a totally great performance which I'll never forget. All the best of me and greetings from 7 hills, best regards, Marianka X

(42) Jacq
Thu, 11 September 2014 16:50:27 +0000

I was there! Tonight in Leiden, the people who did not buy a ticket really missed out, thanks bruce, steve, big man and al the others... See you next time.. Because you promissed you'll be back! Xx

PS I hope the rest of the tour will be as succesfull as your first night

(41) Barb
Sat, 6 September 2014 21:03:57 +0000

Unbelievable concert last night at the Freeman Stage on Fenwick Island, DE last night. I'm a big fan! LOVED you!

(40) Roger
Sat, 30 August 2014 20:56:14 +0000

Great show in Matthews NC tonight you guys put on one hell of a show!!

(39) fran
Fri, 1 August 2014 22:13:11 +0000

Awesome show!!!!! No clue u guys were playn!!!! You guys had the crowd going!!!!

(38) Ginger Speir
Wed, 23 April 2014 16:19:02 +0000

Thank you for the best show ever at the Starboard in Dewey Beach Saturday, April 19th. The energy was electric and everyone sounded amazing. I want to give a special shout out to Dave, I loved your Sax!! Thanks for the invite to see you guys at the Claridge in Atlantic City. We will bring a crowd. Thank you again for a night to remember!

(37) daniel devico
Tue, 25 March 2014 11:46:04 +0000

please, please come back to florida ! I happened to be lucky enough to see you guys at skippers smokehouse in tampa about 7 years ago. the rainy night kept the crowd down, but you guys were great. just great. please come back bruce !

(36) Paul Peevy
Mon, 17 February 2014 11:42:16 +0000

State Theater was another great show! And thanks for opening with "Backstreets"!

(35) MaryLou Pller
Sat, 1 February 2014 07:50:10 +0000

We just went to the concert last night in Manchester NH.My husband Rick and I...we drove from Buffalo NY to see you guys in the beautiful Palace Theater..The show was GREAT !! Thank you for the dedication of Thunder Road Matt..and thank you for playing Wish I were Blind..I love that song!! Hope to see you guys in Buffalo or Fort Erie this year and perhaps next time you're in NH !!!

(34) Scott McCommons
Fri, 31 January 2014 10:27:27 +0000

Matt, Seen you guys in Altoona, Pa in Jan,2014. You put on a plain and simple, Ass Kicking show. Keep on Rocking Dude, Rocking in Altoona, Hope you come back.

(33) Scott Mccommons
Tue, 28 January 2014 11:49:58 +0000

The 25 of Jan, I saw a show in Altoona,Pa with Matt Ryan and I thought it was one of the Best live shows I have seen in my area in a long time. This guy can pull off Bruce and he is really good at it. I loved the show and if you have a chance to see him, by all means check him out. Hes good. Thanks for comming to Altoona, Pa Matt on probally one of the worst weather days around here that night. Snowy, cold, bad weather, he still came to Altoona to Rock. Still Rocking, Loved the show Matt. Hope you come back someday, would love to see you again someday. Great show, shame on you for 6 weeks if you missed this one. Still Rocking in Altoona.

(32) Steven
Sun, 15 September 2013 08:42:20 +0000

Last night at State Theatre in Falls Church, VA was my SIXTH time to see "Bruce in the USA" and it's always a thrill. Finally got a friend to come who I've been trying to bring to see the group for years. I was afraid I had oversold ya'll, but she found it amazing fun, too.
"Bruce in the USA" is the nation's best entertainment deal. I have paid five times as much to watch video screens of groups with far less musical talent and less joy play concerts that were an hour shorter than a typical "Bruce in the USA" concert. If you told me that they were just going to do a 4 song set of "Jungleland," "Thunder Road," "Rosalita," and "Born to Run," I'd happily go and pay the same price and still feel it was the world's best bargain.
Keep rocking, guys, and see you next year.

(31) Steve Grable
Wed, 21 August 2013 10:08:50 +0000

Attended your show on Friday Aug.16th in downtown Kalamazoo, MI @ wright for Kids benefit. You guys were absolutely incredible. It was the first time I had the opportunity to see you guys.It was jaw dropping. I sang at the top of my lungs with you guys to every song.Unreal. the topper was having the privilage of meeting Matt and Dave before your soundcheck. Matt you were most gracious to let my girlfriend and I take pictures with you and even chat with you for about 10 minutes. You and your band are a class act bar none. Only regret was you could'nt play longer because of the band lineup in festival format. Did'nt really matter though because my throat was shot by the time you guys had to wrap it up, Lol.We cannot wait to see you guys again. You truely are a tribute to Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band. Matt on this night you were "The Boss."

(30) Dina Sario
Tue, 20 August 2013 18:45:14 +0000


(29) Dave Michael
Tue, 20 August 2013 18:06:18 +0000

I saw them once and the show was GREAT. HOWEVER I am not able to talk about any recent shows. BECAUSE much like Bruce himself they have not come to my Hometown in o ver a year and a half. We need you guys in Glenside, Pa The Keswick. AND bring Mike Thatcher Macaluso with you to do sound

(28) Rick Rolfes
Mon, 22 July 2013 14:13:50 +0000

Caught the show for the first time on Friday at Bogarts in Cincinnati. What an awesome show! As a Bruce fan, that is as good as it gets besides seeing the real thing. What a talented group of musicians, and the set list was great. Come back to Cincy soon!!

(27) Kim
Mon, 22 July 2013 08:15:56 +0000

Thanks so much for playing in Columbus, OH this past Saturday night at the A&R Music Bar. I've heard so much about you guys, and was looking forward to finally seeing you play. I was NOT disappointed!! :) Being a huge Bruce fan (since 1974) I had a blast, and can definitely say that you guys gave me a fantastic dose of Bruce music to hold me over until they return from Europe :)
We had a great time! Please come back to Columbus on a regular basis! :)

Sun, 21 July 2013 17:59:08 +0000


(25) Bruce
Mon, 15 July 2013 10:00:12 +0000

Great show at the Lake in the Hills Rib Fest
remember you owe me Incident on 57th Street next time in the Chicago area; House of Bluse or Viper Alley

(24) CHUCK
Fri, 12 July 2013 09:24:53 +0000

I seen your show in downtown Massillon Ohio
on thursday July 11, 2013 I just wanted to say It's the Best Show I ever saw in the Massillon area

You guys need to come back here every year.

Thanks for the good time

(23) KATE
Tue, 4 June 2013 14:12:21 +0000

Had a great time at the Handlebar last Saturday night, June 1, 2013 in Greenville, South Carolina. We flew down from New York City for the weekend especially to see the show and had a BLAST!!! The band is smokin' and "Bruce" is so HOT he sweats like BRUCE!!!!!
We may become groupies!

(22) Amy
Wed, 24 April 2013 08:52:48 +0000

Had the pleasure to meet you at the Flamingo in Las Vegas back on March 11th. We were the people from Jersey who said Hi after the Legends show you attended. I will be coming to my first BruceintheUSA show on May 10 in DC. Can't wait!!! My twin and I will be celebrating our Birthday and we're super excited to see the show.

(21) jerry
Tue, 26 February 2013 21:40:13 +0000

amazing show in west palm beach, florida. after your short break the crowd was all up at the stage. just enjoying the show and rocking. much better the the 1st set when i was the only fan up infront on the lawn chair. saw another boss tribute band at coconut creek casino 6 days after your show. bruce in the usa blew them away. please try to get more bookings in south florida. please.


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